Magic in the Kiln

When Darryl Barnes is feeling dejected, he turns to his pottery to lift his mood. On the wheel he sits, his melancholy flows into the delicate earthenware like tears flowing into a river, creating a rippled texture with his sorrow. His emotions are held frozen in time, dated at the bottom and masked by a … Continue reading


Meeganism: Food from my mental garden–some edible, all ripe!

Garnish in Mint, Infuse in Lavender

Garnish in Mint, Infuse in Lavender.

How much does NYC weigh?

This can’t be that difficult to calculate. I think I’ll take a stab at that. Be right back…

My mission is set…

…I’m going to make Rocko the most popular Terrier Welsh Corgi Mix on the internet (after Jennifer Aniston’s dog who seems to be number one). That is assuming he really is of those exact breeds, but I have no doubt in my mind that he is. What have we learned recently about Rocko? Loves to … Continue reading