Ignored. Shunned. Over-shadowed. Scorned. Nameless. Faceless.

Sometimes we need to take the time to extract the person behind the homelessness that we find on city streets.

I met this man as he was being ejected from the Salvation Army that I was passing.

He was complaing about bed bugs, roaches, abuse and homosexuality in the

Salvation Army and wanted to know if I was going to e-mail the photos.

He was profusely demanding a blanket and a bed so that he doesn’t freeze to death.

And maybe a cigarette.

He wore a purple blazer and carried a cane.I think he looks aristocratic here.

This gentleman is a native. He was attempting to earn a living by selling native art on Yonge Street.

His drawings all came from his head. he was using charcoal because

his acrylic paint froze from the cold.

He had seen it all. And didn’t mind missing a few.

I’d like to think he was giving me a smile here.

This gentleman lives in a shelter and is acquainted with a close by Salvation Army.

He works odd jobs in the summer and is unable to find work in the winter.

He never looked up at me.

He is a divorcee. His wife got everything–car, house, DSLR camera.

He lives in a hostel on Jarvis Street and wanted a hot chocolate.

These ladies were caroling on Bloor Street.

They had undisclosed plans for the holidays.

They had each other.

Maybe only each other.

Mainly they had a lot of silence–beside their caroling.

Meet bandit and her owner. They currently live on $200 per month and

will be spending the holidays with a neighbor.

They were the victims of police brutality for the first time in 39 years–a badly injured wrist and no money to pay for surgery.

They were very  happy together.

Bandit was shy–she never looked atthe brightly flashing camera.

2 Responses to “Homeless”
  1. the portrait are good the truth need to come out about homeless and homelessness two different things ,i and these individual are the homeless ,,..salvation army ,shelter worker,s health care worker’s who are paid with the homeless money and many and many streets to homes worker’s those are the homelessness ,those building there own nest at the expence of the homeless it must stop the abuse the self rightiousness the restrictions the band’s from use of services when you speak back to then there un truth as to there own selfrightious theyu say they work with the homeless they help the homeless that ‘s mostly pure lie’;s with $160 million dollors if you were there to help ,tell me how did this man kevin clarke not recieve a blanket much less a pair of shoes ,,..well simple we couldn’t afford it we only had $160 million give them a billion they still wouldn’t because they are simply like pimp’s living of the avail’s of the homeless the only differences is pimp’s treat there hoe’s better..

    god with us..
    kevin clarke torontio’s next mayor

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