Cool Quencher at the Hot Box

Venue: Hot Box Cafe

Location: 191 Baldwin Street at Kensington Market

Smoothie: Juicy Fruit

Ingredients: Strawberry, banana, milk or soy, and vanilla.

Price: $4/glass, $12/pitcher

Star Power: Hydrates Your Soul.

This smoothie can be great or perfection depending on what you’re visiting the cafe for. For the simple fact that I slurped mine down in a matter of minutes, I’d say it was perfection.  Neither fruit lingered excessively and the chalkiness of the soy milk was masked nicely by the sweet balance of the vanilla and fruits. It was blended to a creamy consistency and was smooth throughout. If you’re in Market, definitely stop in for a drink and if you can, go the route of the pitcher…you won’t regret it!

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