Crisp and fresh–this one tastes like it’s good for you!

VenueFresh on Bloor

Location: 326 Bloor Street West

Smoothies: Blue Lagoon and Negril Beach

Ingredients: (Blue Lagoon) – Blueberry, mango and banana. (Negril Beach) – Coconut milk, mango and banana.

Price: $6/16 oz., $12/32 oz.

Star Power: Sweet smoothie next door–too healthy to hate, too simple to glorify.

I love Fresh and appreciate their presence in the city. But I just couldn’t love these smoothies. My disappointment came in the coconut milk of the Negil Beach. I love coconut milk in everything so the fact that it didn’t jump out at me left much to be desired. It was lost behind the banana which was too prominent, serving as a filler to the lost milk and mango. The Blue Lagoon was not much different. It tasted good, but that doesn’t mean that it was successful. It was more deceiving than anything else. It looked blue but tasted of banana. The mango was the most hidden of the two remaining ingredients. As was the case with both smoothies–mango is a delicate fruit and will absorb most flavors that it is mixed with. It needs to shine on its own instead of being dominated by the blanketing flavor of banana or a bold fruit like blueberry. With all of that, you can’t knock Fresh too much–it offers a clean, fresh, healthy smoothie packed with nutrients. And that’s something to cheers to!


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