A surprising splash of everything thats right about fruit

Venue: Moonbean Coffee

Location: 30 St. Andrew St (Kensington Market)

Smoothies: Tropical Splash

Ingredients: Papaya, mango, pineapple and rice milk.

Price: $3.95/sm, $4.95/md, $5.95/lg

Star Power: Full of surprises.

I can’t lie, I love fluffy shakes. They warm my soul like a mug of hot cocoa and a warm fire on a cold winter day. This shake was perfectly fluffy and strangely, it didn’t get thin after sitting out for a few minutes. The soft pieces of mango that missed the blade were perfectly pleasant and the pineapple added that little oomph to this delicious smoothie. I would have liked to taste more papaya in it. It was evident that it wouldn’t shine through from the smoothies lack of papaya-coral in its color. My only concern: did they put a little surprise in the smoothie? Something HAS to explain the stomach ache I had after. But that could be because of the Gluten-free vegan round or Organic Chocolate chip carob drop that I had before. Hmmm. In any case, this is one stomach ache I’ll invite. Moonbean is a Toronto gem with it’s  loose teas and freshly roasted coffee. No wrong can be done here.


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