Industrialization of Food

McDonald’s and the companies which produce the food that it distributes to consumers are reversing over a hundred years worth of labor progression and most people are unaware of it. They are responsible for a complete mechanization and industrialization of the food we consume, the de-skilling of millions of people, a decline in our standard of living–and the majority of those it directly affects are blind to its power.

It exploits illegal immigrants the same way the industrial revolution exploited children. It has violently disturbed the way we are accustomed to consuming food. It widens the gap between rich and poor.We have become disillusioned by cheap food as being of higher value.

You can’t call it a value meal when it diminishes the value of a human life.

Food is supposed to nourish our bodies, not destroy it.

Everyone can afford McDonald’s, but at what price? Why don’t the rich each McDonald’s? McDonald’s is a manifestation of all the evils of industrialization. The reason why the industrial revolution became a period of innovation rather than destruction is because the evil, exploitative aspects were filtered out before they were allowed to fully manifest.

Choose customized food.

Stop buying this shit.

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