This year I…

…joined a sports league, worked out, set fitness goals and actually reached them and had fun doing it.

…trapezed for the first time, (semi) conquered my fear of heights, did it a second time, pulled a muscle, had terrible pain, but remained motivated to do it again.

…took beautiful photos.

…turned 25 feeling accomplished, smarter, energetic, youthful, content, and more ambitious than ever.

…landed an internship at Flare Magazine and TV Guide Canada with a great feeling of self-worth and gratitude.

…demonstrated my intense work ethic, proved myself and saw the respect and reward that comes along with that.

…cooked healthy, hearty, delicious, creative food. Most importantly, I fed.

…have the most amazing sisters and brothers who I have the most fun with and couldn’t imagine life without.

…loved and was loved by my best friend who I enjoyed simple pleasures with.

…completed an Honours BA in Journalism after moving to a different country, taking a couple of years off, working full-time and reshuffling my life to accomodate education.

…worked for an incredible newspaper which allowed me to gain a level of prominence while reconnecting with my community.




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