I’m Guyanese, hire me

Today I applied for a position at The New York Times Company. My choices for race/ethnicity were White, Black or African American, Latino or Hispanic, Asian or Other Pacific Islander, American Indian, Two or more races, OR Prefer not to Disclose. I have to choose an option to proceed with the application and unless I plan to lie about my race/ethnicity, I will have to choose Prefer not to Disclose for the sake of this job. I suppose I could be Two or more Races since my great-grandmother was half Portuguese. That counts, right?

These categories were not defined by NTYCO. They are categories as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. How equal is it if my race isn’t even considered. It boils down to either lying about my ethnicity or falsely claiming that I prefer not to disclose. I prefer to disclose. I’ll be Indian if you want me to. South American. Caribbean. Western Hemispherian. I’ll even take OTHER. But please, for the sake of my equal-opportunity, journalistic future…GIVE ME A CATEGORY!

One Response to “I’m Guyanese, hire me”
  1. amerita says:

    According to my Urban Sociology professor, you could even check off the “Latino” box on those applications since Guyana is surrounded by Spanish-speaking and Latino countries. I’m the only Guyanese person in my class so when I brought up the same dilemma, she said that it’s whatever you feel like you identify with. My ancestors are from India so I usually check off any box that deals with Asia or Eastern India, but like you I sometimes would rather there be an “Other” option or even South American. When I talk to friends from India or Eastern Indian countries, there are a lot of similarities but we still stand out from them so it would be nice to have our own category for once… or at least an “Other” box with a slot to enter where we’re from.

    Aaaaand I just realized this post is from 2011. Hopefully this helps or you discovered the same info as me by now. But also it just goes to show that five years later nothing has changed with forms and applications! *sigh*

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