He’s a terrier mix but what’s the indgredients?

Meet Rocko. He’s 4-5 months old. Playful, biting, loves attention, friendly with people and other dogs, curious and energetic. The shelter says he’s a terrier mix but the vet says he’s possibly half lab. We’re guessing he’s of welsh corgi descent. What do you think? Advertisements

Hey PR tourist, what to know where the party’s at?

The scent of lime and salt drips from my fingertips as I type this entry. Sure it’s only midnight, but I had a busy day of driving the Puerto Rican hillsides visiting family members of my beloved and well, it’s time to call it a night. Long story short, BOQUERON is the place to be on … Continue reading

A dab here, a smear there

Are women who don’t wear makeup lazy? Bare-faced chic Does makeup affect the way I feel about myself? It sure does. Usually I feel much lighter and less confined bare-faced but I find myself saying, “I’m ugly today.” Poor Chris has to deal with it even though he appears to see no difference. I think … Continue reading

I’m not a Crabbuckit.

“I always wondered why my grandmother use to say “Guyanese people are crabs in a barrel” Thanks I now understand.” I have work at 5am. I couldn’t sleep last night because I had a huge weight of mindless worry which kept me awake for hours, just waiting to fall asleep. I should be heading to … Continue reading

Being Guyanese

So, a few days ago I wrote a piece about being Guyanese and my inability to determine my ethnicity on job applications as a result of its absence on census charts. But, I’m so proud to be Guyanese. I don’t come from the type of upbringing that most of you may assume that I do. … Continue reading