‘Coconuts’ – a growing success story

Six years ago a small restaurant opened shop near Weston Road and Finch Avenue where it was surrounded by a sea of other family-based restaurants, many of which were pushing the same fare. The Caribbean themed eatery featured a simple menu —chow mein, fried rice, delectable meats and veggies and flat breads — hoping to … Continue reading

Fruits of its labours showcased at Pranav’s 11th Awards event

“Charity is a very personal feeling,” said Swamiji. That feeling was mutually felt throughout the evening as Pranav Ashram demonstrated through the students of the cultural centre how it benefits from the support of the community.

Golfing adds welcome dollars to Pranav’s philanthropic coffer

The clouds parted just in the nick of tee time. Golfers seized the good weather and caddied up for a day on the course—18 holes to philanthropy.

Living the sweet life

He’s as charming as he is funny, but don’t let the name fool you — he’s not a sweet-talking, smooth operator kind of guy. Sugar Sammy has come a long way from his extracurriculars of throwing pub-parties to earn cash while at McGill University (where he would let women in for free as a means to luring cash-heavy guys—hence the nickname).

Devoted to greater good of the world, young brahmacharini listens to call to monkhood

Imagine relinquishing your identity—your name, familial relations and the way of life that you have grown accustomed to. That’s precisely what 25-year old Kavita Sridevi Singh did when she made the decision to accept a life of monkhood five years ago during a trip to India with the initial intent to learn music. Brahmacharini Shuddhabodhatma … Continue reading