Kevin Clarke

“Homelessness doesn’t start here, this is where it ends,” said Kevin Clarke, tapping his finger on the table of the deli which we sat in, indicating downtown Toronto. He donned the only formal wear he has—an oversized blue suit, faded pink shirt and a blue and green patterned tie which looked like a swatch from an outdated hotel bed covering. In light of this, there was something aristocratic about him. And aristocratic he should look. Mr. Clarke is the most famous homeless man in Toronto. So much so, that he even has his own Wikipedia page—the proverbial sign that you have made it.

Pay for subways with tolls: Candidate

A $5 toll should be charged on Toronto’s two highways to pay for a proposed expansion of the subway system, says Ward 44 resident and mayoral candidate Sarah Thompson. Thompson’s $13-billion plan would replace the proposed light rail system and place a levy on drivers on the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway during rush hours for the duration of subway construction.

Mr. Kevin Clarke

Meet Kevin Clarke, politician, rebel, homeless man.