A surprising splash of everything thats right about fruit

I can’t lie, I love fluffy shakes. They warm my soul like a mug of hot cocoa and a warm fire on a cold winter day.

Crisp and fresh–this one tastes like it’s good for you!

I love Fresh and appreciate their presence in the city. But I just couldn’t love these smoothies. My disappointment came in the coconut milk of the Negil Beach. I love coconut milk in everything so the fact that it didn’t jump out at me left much to be desired.

How did the fish cross the road?

We know how the chicken crossed the road, but do you know how the fish crossed the road?

A Berry Bad Seed

There should be a general rule when it comes to berry smoothies–blend the fruit, strain out the seeds, then proceed.

Cool Quencher at the Hot Box

This smoothie can be great or perfection depending on what you’re visiting the cafe for.