My mission is set…

…I’m going to make Rocko the most popular Terrier Welsh Corgi Mix on the internet (after Jennifer Aniston’s dog who seems to be number one). That is assuming he really is of those exact breeds, but I have no doubt in my mind that he is.

What have we learned recently about Rocko?

  • Loves to dig, I once witnessed him slash an earthworm in half with a single nail without notice or intention.
  • Favors hiding his most precious finds, like bones, leaves, socks and sticks brought in from the backyard.
  • Picks up on emotions and know when to keep his distance particularly when he’s done something bad (i.e. pooping on the rug which he KNOWS he’s not allowed to do, but chooses to when he thinks your attention is compromised.)
  • Has very animated dreams and will use them to take over the bed.
  • Extremely high energy.
  • A great guard dog and will wake at the slightest sound and bark an alarm if he senses a threat.
  • Mastered the cute, puppy face and can make titanium melt with his sad puppy eyes.
  • Loves cuddles but in small doses.
  • Accepts consequence. For example, only moments ago he retreated under the table because he pooped on the rug and was disciplined an punished with a timeout. He knows that he did something bad and therefore must deal with the consequence of that action.
  • Builds next out of anything (rugs, blankets, pillows, small/crawl spaces) and will retreat to them when he wants to be alone.

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